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The Président's News
The Federation, founded March 23rd 1985, is an international sports organization, non-governmental and independent of political authorities. 

For the history of the International Savate Federation, see the official documents.

The Presidents:

· Jean-Marie ROUSSEAU
· Michel ROGER
· Alexandre WALNIER
· Jean HOUEL
· Gilles LE DUIGOU
23rd March 1985
23rd September 1989
21st November 1992
29th September 2001
7th September 2003
11th June 2007
26th September 2010
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President’s Report General Assembly - April 7th 2012 Print E-mail
Les news du Président
Written by Julie   
fisav_logo_thumb.jpg One of my main aims, when I became president, was to stabilize the financial position of the federation. Our income is much reduced now that the rights for the European Combat Finals are paid to the C.E.S. It was decided in 2010 that our annual budget was too small to justify the rue Dimey office, and Mme Verone was not replaced when she retired. I have been fortunate to find some volunteers to help with small translations, and to recruit some staff who are willing to work on a flexible basis: Agnès Aubert works on translation, Patricia Small works with me on administration issues.

We thank you ! Print E-mail
Les news du Président
Written by Julie (traduction: Agnès)   

As we enter the summer holiday season, on behalf of members of the Federation, I would like to thank all of the people who have worked so hard over the last few months to prepare and to run our two most recent World Events.

A great start for South Africa Print E-mail
Les news du Président
Written by Julie Gabriel (translation: Agnès)   

I am pleased to inform you that South Africa has joined the world of Savate. Miodrag Rakic and Slobodan Popov were invited to run a seminar series, between 13th and 22nd April, in Johannesburg, Centurion and Pretoria.
World Combat Games 2013 Print E-mail
Les news du Président
Written by Julie Gabriel (traduction: J-M Rousseau)   

The first planning meeting for the 2013 World Combat Games took place in Lausanne in November. I am pleased to inform you that Savate has been included in the planning for the Games. The vision for the Games is for a “Festival Atmosphere”, with the competition taking in place in 4 venues, over 8 days.

The work ahead for FISav Print E-mail
Les news du Président
Written by Julie Gabriel (traduction: J-M Rousseau, Agnes Aubert   

On the 26th September 2010, I had the great honour of being elected as the first female President of the International Savate Federation. In recent years, I have worked closely with FISav staff and officers and have been able to observe the issues faced by the federation, the areas of work, the successes, and what works well and what does not.
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